Portable Game Controller for Mobile Phones


There is no question that touch screen has dominated the mobile industry.  When the iPhone was first released in 2007, many people were uncomfortable with the idea of having a mobile phone that was all touch screen and had one button.

Now, due to incredible advances in design, the majority of us cannot imagine NOT having our touch screen devices. And while there is no doubt about the overall functionality of these devices, there is one thing they just don’t really work well as… a portable game controller.

Sure, if you’re playing fruit ninja or angry birds, touch screen works great. But if you are trying to play classic games, or even newer games where you need more control, you need a an actual controller.

We found a really cool, inexpensive, portable game controller that works with most android and iOS devices. Just charage it up and use it for up to 9 hours! As simple as that.

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LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer for Android

We live in an age where most of us use the built in camera on our smart phones to take pictures. And with the ability to take such high quality photos on a device that is easily accessible, it’s no wonder we prefer using our phones! However, if you are like me, you don’t like having to upload all of your photos, wait for them to be developed, then pick them up.  It’s inconvenient! Especially if you just want to print out a single picture really quick to give to a friend or family member. No longer will you have to tell your friends they’ll have to wait for a printed photo.

The LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer provides incredible convenience. It allows you to print photos directly from your Android smartphone wirelessly (Bluetooth, NFC) or using a USB cable.  Download the LG Photo App to edit your photos before you print them or share them via social media.

This printer has a lot of really cool features, so be sure to check out the link below and order while these printers are still available.  There’s a limited supply still on Amazon!


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Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler

You have a few options when you bring a drink to work: You can let it sit at your desk, allowing it to get warm by the time you are ready to drink it. Or you can put it in the refrigerator in the break room.

The problem with the second option is that it can be inconvenient getting up and going to the break room to get a drink. Especially if the break room isn’t close.

Even if you aren’t necessarily as lazy as I am, we can all agree that we love convenience. And what could be more convenient than a USB-powered fridge cooler!

With the Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler, you will no longer have to worry about watching as your drink gets disgustingly warm.  You will always have an ice-cold refreshing beverage close by. To purchase your own Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler see the link below!


Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler for Beverage Drink Cans in Cubicle and Home office (Red)

Withings Pulse

Do you have fitness goals but find it hard to track your progress? Withings Pulse is currently the smallest device that can give you all the information you need to track your progress. With this small device you can track how well you are sleeping, your steps, calories burned, and more. The best part is, this device can Bluetooth to your smart phone and is compatible with many of the latest fitness apps available for iPhone and Android, including the free Withings Health Mate app. It has never been more convenient to track your fitness goals!

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iPhone OtterBox Defender Series

Are you constantly dropping your iPhone?  Each time you drop it you gasp and hope that you didn’t crack your screen or render your phone useless in any other way. I’ve found that the best way to protect my iPhone was to use the OtterBox Defender Series iPhone case.  This case protects your phone like no other and looks awesome!  The next time your iPhone slips out of your hand after using the OtterBox Defender Series case, you can be confident that your phone will still be functional.  The best part is, the prices on these OtterBox cases have recently dropped significantly.  This case will make the perfect gift for a clumsy husband or son!

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 5

OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S



Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

There are many different popular games out there, all of which have awesome fan items that can be purchased. With that being said, none of them have come even close to the magnificent, glorious aura that the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe gives off. If you know someone who plays the game, (or even someone who just likes playing games in general), this is by far one of the cheapest but coolest gifts you can give them. While it can’t pierce through rock or any minerals at lightning fast speeds, it’ll still give you the feeling that you’re able to! Nothing seems impossible with this bad boy in your hands!

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Leather Book iPhone Case

Ever want to hide or disguise your phone? You probably realize that most of the cases out there do not suit your need. The leather book case for the iPhone looks awesome, and you can hardly tell that a phone is inside! This is perfect for when you’re trying to text at school, or any place that you are normally unable to. It also offers a soft but sturdy casing for your phone, and it’s very easy to open. This case is pretty cheap compared to most iPhone cases, and with the added benefit of having the ability to camouflage itself, how can you go wrong? Order today, before they run out!



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Social Making an Impact on What You Watch

The trends are showing that people are using more social networks to interact and share their lives. Whether it is photos, video or a blog family, friends and coworkers are publishing their life’s intimate and silly moment for their audience to share. Often times we are engaging media on more than one screen simultaneously. People watch TV while surfing the net on their laptop and tablet or check their email as well as other apps from a smart phone. Thanks to the people in our network liking and sharing their favorite picks and the folks that trounce the movies that are sub-par, we can discover content that might interest us or steer away from pieces that our group of friends did not enjoy. There is no reason to be left out of the loop when the people you work with are talking about the recent releases they watched over the weekend. The people you hang out with outside the office with be impressed with your newly developed encyclopedic knowledge of underground and independent hits.

Many films find life on streaming networks when they could not find one on a silver screen due to poor audience testing, funding, or other issues that arise when seeking to distribute a film. Because subscribers can pull down movies from services at any time they choose the results are that people will give films a chance. Even if they are relatively unknown, the recommendations of the right people in our social circles can have a profound effect on our willingness to give the movie a shot. Plenty of movies look good on a lazy Sunday afternoon when reruns and marathons are the majority of your favorite regular channels’ programming. Both content producers and providers have their ears open now to the feedback of their customers wants and purchasing power in the sector. This is perhaps part of the reason why shows that might have ended their original production run find a new home on cable or streaming services. Futurama was brought back to life by Comedy Central and Netflix recently resurrected the cult favorite Arrested Development.

As content consumers, we are constantly multitasking. Pulled in variety of directions by providers, the content and our social circles, there are so many choices to make it comes to selecting a shows that are worth spending our time watching. Luckily, the decision making process can be made a little easier with the help of our friends. You know what they say about opinions, right?

Seriously though, DirecTV is on top of the social television movement and in fact they are incorporating the ideas into their new iPad App. If you are looking to subscribe to DirecTV there are quite a few special offers for new users. Sites such as SaveOnTVDirect.com can help you save a few dollars on a new account. It is free to download via the Apple App Store and will allow you to connect with your friends to share the best programs on television. Let them know what you thought about your favorite episodic shows like Mad Men or Game of Thrones. Commenting is your chance to be heard, everyone’s a critic.

New Zipbud Earphones

Lets face it, it absolutely sucks when you end up getting your headphones tangled, because you put them in your pocket or backpack.

Some of the cords are so long that it literally takes minutes to untangle. With the zippered earphones, you can keep the length of your cords, and without the annoyingness of them!

In addition, these zipbuds are very well protected, because of their soft outside shell.

It is impossible for these wires to get tangled, because they are forced to continue in a straight line.

They’re just as cheap as any other earphones, and they even have good quality to boot! Check out these earphones and get them soon, because they’re sure to sell out quick!

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Best Solar Powered Phone Charger

So you’re far away from home, and you need to charge your phone, or some other device which is charged via USB. Unfortunately you’re unable to find any wall chargers, but that’s okay, because you have the solar powered charger. It works with almost anything that you need to charge, just simply plug it in to the solar charger via USB and let it charge it up, even faster than your wall charger.

This solar powered charger is an awesome way to save on electricity. You’ll practically make your money back by using it!

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