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Nest Cam

Nest Cam – Ultimate Home Security Cam

Nest Cam will give ultimate security to the user and is definitely one of the perfect tech gifts for men. Men just love to monitor their home and that helps them keep track of the activities at their home. Users can take control of their home virtually from anywhere using Nest Cam, which offers ultimate security. Nest Cam will let the user monitor their home from anywhere, that too in 1080p HD video quality. Nest Cam is a complete package for all those who are constantly away from home and let us tell you why.

Nest Cam is designed purely for assisting users in monitoring their home and family even when they are on the move. Nest Cam uses automatic turn on technology and this will make sure that the cam is operating automatically when there is nobody at home. The phone of all the people staying at home will be tracked by the camera and if all of them are located outside the home, Nest Cam will activate automatically. Sounds interesting, right? Nest Cam sure is the perfect gift item.

Nest Cam provides 24 X 7 live streaming and it even has advanced super high quality night vision, which provides high quality streaming even in the dark. Motion and sound alerts are also incorporated. It is impossible for the user to watch the live feed 24 X 7 and that is where these two alerts come in handy. If these sensors sense any activity, they will immediately send a notification to the user’s phone stating the activity happening at home. Sound sensor of Nest Cam works brilliantly, filtering out all the unwanted background sounds and tracking only the sounds that are important.

Nest Cam is the perfect companion for men who have babies and pets at home because using Net Cam, the user can listen and even talk to their kid or pet at home. Users can direct their pet to stay obedient and follow orders by using certain key commands such as speak, get down, high five, and lie down. Users can increase the volume and select any of these commands.

Nest Cam is the ideal security tool available for men. At just $199, this is the perfect buy. You get to save $100 by getting the 3 Pack on The Nest Store.

Boosted Boards

Boosted Board – One-of-a-Kind Electric Skateboard

Electric vehicles are the trend these days. In addition to providing users the benefit of being able to commute from one place to another, these vehicles also happen to be trendsetters and attention grabbers. Boosted Board, the most coveted electric skateboard, is the latest in electric vehicles. Claimed to be the lightest electric vehicle in the world, the Boosted Board has received a lot of positive reviews, and the company is now ready to introduce the 2nd generation board.

If you are looking for a gift for a skating enthusiast, or for someone who needs a reliable vehicle for short commutes, then this is it!

The 2nd generation Boosted Boards are expected to address a huge shortcoming that many complained about the first generation boards, which is the battery range. While the earlier Boosted Board version came with a standard battery that enabled travel to up to 8 miles, the 2nd generation boards will come with an extended battery option, capable of reaching up to 14 miles, making it a perfect ride for many commuters.

The boards come with a custom remote that provides the user with complete control over their ride. Accelerating and braking is made easy with the thumb wheel on the remote, and there are different riding modes for the user to adjust based on their skateboarding skill level.

The 2nd generation Boosted Boards will be available in three different types: Single, Dual, and Dual+, with top speed of 18 mph, 20 mph, and 22 mph respectively. The power of the boards also varies accordingly. The boards are currently available for pre-.ordering and will be sent out starting the end of July this year. The Single Boosted Board is priced at $999, Dual at $1,299, and Dual+ at $1,499.

What are you still waiting for? Pre-book the Boosted Board today and have it ready just in time for your loved one’s birthday or any other special day.


Bluetooth Connected Meat Thermometer

Men and barbecue are inseparable. May it be your dad, brother, boyfriend, or spouse, you will have at least one man in your family who just loves barbecuing and hosting backyard barbecue parties. If you have been looking for a perfect gift for one such man in your life, nothing will make him more excited than the Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer from Brookstone.

Those involved in barbecuing will definitely have some kind of thermometer to check the temperature of the meat being cooked. But, most of those thermometers need to be monitored closely, periodically inserting it into the meat to know the increase in temperature. The downside of these thermometers is the fact that when the cook walks away for a few minutes leaving the meat unattended, it is most likely to get overcooked, thus completely ruining the meal.

The Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer eliminates all these frustrations and enables the user to cook the perfect piece of meat every single time. This thermometer is controlled by an app and is designed to send the current temperatures of food directly to the user’s paired device. No matter what the user is looking to cook, from chicken and fish to even lamb, steak and pork, this device is capable of informing the ideal temperature to which any particular meat has to be cooked. Once the food reaches the desired temperature, the device will alert the user via sounds, vibrations, or voice alert.

Now this is the latest in meat thermometers. Wait no more; make sure that the next barbecue party you attend, the host has this thermometer. The Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer is available for $70 on Brookstone.

Bose QuietComfort

Noise Cancelling Headphones – QuietComfort 20

How many times have you wanted to shut everything down and enjoy quiet and relaxing time listening to your favorite music? Even if you have not felt this way, you certainly would have seen someone in your family or friends who always wants to experience such bliss, but ends up being in the middle of everything loud. The QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphone from Bose is exactly what people like them need.

Bose has always been the go-to brand when it comes to noise cancelling headphones. Ever since the inception of the company’s QuietComfort line of headphones, there have been a lot of improvements in the many models produced, and now the brand offers a wide range of noise cancelling headphones, right from on-ear models to over-the-ear models. The QuietComfort 20 is the brand’s first in-ear noise cancelling headphone model, and this comes in two different versions, one for Apple products (QC20i) and the other for non-Apple products (QC20).

The QuietComfort 20 is designed to fit into the ears of the users comfortably and securely. The headphones are highly travel-friendly as they come with a compact carrying case. There are two microphones added to the headphones that perform the job of monitoring external noise. The Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology used by the company blocks the noise from the user’s surroundings and allows them to enjoy music even in noisy environments.

What makes this model more interesting is the ability to switch to what the company calls Aware Mode. This mode is designed to help the user listen to what’s happening around them during important circumstances, like when they are at the airport waiting for announcements, etc. The headphones come with three eartips of different sizes and a lithium ion battery that can hold charge for 16 hours.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 will make the perfect gift for a frequent traveler. If you know someone, or if you yourself are a frequent traveler, this should be your next purchase. The headphones are available for $300 (definitely worth the investment).

Instant Lab Universal

Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

Despite the high cost, there is a definite reason why people opt for traditional Polaroid cameras. The results from these cameras are unique in their own right and are of high quality as well. To meet the needs of modern users, the Instant Lab Universal from Impossible has been introduced. What makes this one different from the conventional instant cameras? Well, this is designed to print images from your smartphone instantly.

Though this might sound like a printer, it actually isn’t. The Instant Lab projects images from the screen of your smartphone on instant film using a lens. This is a compact and easily maneuverable item, thanks to its collapsible design, and there is also a rechargeable battery. The only thing the user needs in an iOS or Android device to run the Impossible App in order to use the Instant Lab Universal.

As the product has been tested with different widely used devices, including Android smartphones from Sony, Google, Samsung, etc., and even with tablets like the iPad, you can be sure that it will be compatible with the smartphone owned by the person for whom you are planning this as a gift. Using the app is also simple and effortless.

The Instant Lab Universal gives any digital image the look of instant film. If you know someone who is extremely interested and passionate about instant cameras and images, this would be an excellent gift for them. The device is easy to use, and produces results that cannot be matched by any printer. For the amount you get to pay for this device, the results are definitely worth it. The Impossible Instant Lab Universal is available on Amazon.


Amazon Echo

Wish to give some hands-free help for your man around the house? Take a look at the Amazon Echo, a smart home and Bluetooth speaker in one. What’s more? The Echo also has a built-in voice control assistant, Alexa. Even if your man already has Siri in his pocket, with the Echo, it will surely be a completely different experience.

With the Amazon Echo, the individual can now talk to their house every single day. From asking Alexa the day’s headlines while sipping coffee to asking it to play their favorite music while working out, this smart speaker will be a portable, affordable and useful helping hand for anyone for that matter.

The Amazon Echo is always on and always listening to the user and provides information and answers quickly, reminds them of things whenever needed, adds things to their shopping list, and typically makes the user’s everyday tasks much easier and fun.

It is quite easy to setup the Echo. Once it is plugged in, the Echo app has to be downloaded, and all the instructions have to be followed from there. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Once the setup is done, talking to the less-robotic Alexa is the next thing to do.

In addition to the many default commands, there are also different things one can ask or discuss with Alexa. From some general commands like Cancel, Stop and Repeat, to various topics like facts, music, weather, lists, alarms, and more, the options are numerous. Not to forget, since the Echo is basically a speaker, it does that job pretty efficiently as well.

So, the next time you look for something useful for the men you know, Amazon Echo should be your choice. The product is available on Amazon for $179.99.

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

Have a friend, boyfriend, brother, or dad who is a fitness freak? How about give him something that he’ll absolutely love and find useful? Fitbit is now a household name when it comes to fitness trackers, and the Fitbit Blaze is the company’s new offering.

Basically a fitness watch, this device performs tracking, in addition to offering a lot of attractive and advanced features, which will be extremely useful for regular gym goers as well as runners.

Fitbit Blaze comes with a removable strap, which means that the person using it can buy different straps and swap between them, thus being able to use the device not just during workouts, but also as a regular fashion accessory. The watch is extremely thin and feels light on the wrist, so it would be extremely comfortable to wear it all day long. It can track calories burned, steps, active time, stairs climbed, sleep quality, and resting heart rate. In addition, it also comes with different sports modes to track specific exercises with its heart rate monitor.

With the touchscreen, it is easy to operate the watch. There are also different workout sessions, like warm up and warm down, 10 minute ab workout, etc., that can be seen on the watch. The Blaze also offers various smart features, such as getting texts, showing reminders and incoming phone calls, and music playback control. Another standout feature of the watch is that it can be connected with the GPS on the user’s phone to map routes.

On the whole, this is one comprehensive fitness tracker that will please any fitness enthusiast. The Blaze is available for $229.95 on the vendor’s website.


Nima Gluten Tester

For any individual, allergies would be their worst nightmare while dining out. With all the secret ingredients and new sauces, it is vital for those of you with allergies to remain cautious at all times. Though there are restaurants that offer gluten-free menus or food options, how much can you really trust them all? Fortunately, there is this new gadget that is designed to reveal the truth behind gluten-free food.

Nima is a portable gluten sensor. To test your food or drink, all you need to do is drop a sample into a disposable cartridge and then insert it into the device. It takes just two minutes to show the results. The device displays a smiley face if the food or drink is gluten-free, and the same displays a frown if not. Nima can be synched with an Android device or iPhone, via Bluetooth. For those with Celiac disease or gluten intolerant, this device could be an absolute game changer.

The key aspect of this gluten tester is its speed. While all the other testers available on market today are known to take anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes to deliver an answer, Nima just takes two minutes. So, you don’t have to encounter long and nervous waiting time when dining in a restaurant.

Nima is available for pre-order on the company’s website. The Nima Starter Kit will contain one device, 3 one time usable capsules, one carry pouch, and one micro USB cable, and is priced at $199. Another option is the Starter Kit with 12 packs of capsules for $247.



Whether you love grilling every weekend, or prefer using the barbecue throughout Spring, one aspect that probably annoys most of you would be the cleaning process. Keeping your grill’s surface clean is extremely essential, and if you are someone constantly thinking that there should be a better way to clean your grill, the Grillbot is exactly what you need.

The Grillbot is basically a robot designed to clean your grill, relieving you from the duty. This cool robot comes with three electric motors, a smart CPU chip that controls its direction, speed and movement, a rechargeable battery, and replaceable wire brushes for cleaning. The gadget is extremely easy to use and does an excellent job cleaning the surface of the cooking grate.

A standout feature of the Grillbot is that the brushes are dishwasher safe, so when they get dirty, all you need to do is remove and toss them in the dishwasher. The timer allows you to set the time for cleaning, and the alarm will go off for about 15 seconds when cleaning is over.

Overall, the Grillbot is an efficient gadget that will certainly help keep your grill clean. The ease of use and the ability to clean the brushes in the dishwasher make this robot an attractive choice for you frequent grillers out there. This gadget will also be a wonderful gift for a friend or family member who is into grilling.

The Grillbot will cost you $129.95 on the company’s website. There is another buying option, which is the Grillbot Bundle, which contains a Grillbot, replacement stainless steel or brass brushes, and a carrying case. The Bundle is priced at $144.95.

ClamCase Pro

ClamCase Pro – The Best iPad Keyboard Case

The ClamCase Pro is a keyboard case designed for iPad 2, 3 and 4. This is one of the best, if not the best, keyboard cases available on market today and will make a perfect gift for men who wish there was a better way to use their iPad. This new version is compact, and all that needs to be done is simply push and click the iPad into the top shell. Getting the device out is also extremely easy.

The top half of the ClamCase Pro can be bent back and over to whichever angle you want, making reading and other activities on the tablet effortless. In addition, you can also fold the keyboard back to use the case as a stand. The hinge mechanism in the case allows the use of it as a laptop, as a tablet, and as a stand. A useful feature in the accessory is that it is designed to disable itself when swiveled past 180 degrees, which prevents unnecessary hits on the keys.

Pairing the ClamCase Pro with the iPad is a one-time job and is fairly simple. When the Bluetooth pairing mode is enabled, it will be signified by a blinking LED light, and once this can be seen, pairing can be performed the same way a user would pair an iPad with other Bluetooth devices.

The keyboard of the ClamCase Pro is perhaps the best you will be able to find on the market. The keys are well spaced and well padded. Its top row consists of keys that are specific to iPad, such as On/Off buttons, Lock/Unlock, Search, Home, Microphone, etc. Overall, this is an excellent keyboard case and will be extremely useful for someone who needs a mobile office. Its sleek design will greatly appeal to men of all ages, so if you have been looking for a perfect, useful iPad accessory as a gift for a loved one, ClamCase Pro should be your choice.

ClamCase Pro is available for $149.99 on the vendor’s (Incipio) website, and for $124.99 on Amazon.

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