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Need an Xbox One?

The Xbox One is undoubtedly a hit this holiday season.


The Xbox One is not going away any time soon. If you are an avid gamer you either have one, or are planning on getting one. What makes the Xbox One so awesome is that it integrates everything from gaming, to Skype calls, to television, and social media. So you don’t really have to be a gamer to enjoy this awesome entertainment console!

If you are looking to purchase an Xbox One in time for the holiday season you’d better act quick!

Get yours here!



Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Touch Control

The most advanced wireless headphones.


I have a confession to make. I am not the biggest fan of big headphones. I always tend to opt for ear buds instead. However, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be jealous of whoever gets these Parrot Zik Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Touch Control. The awesomeness these headphones possess far outweighs the fact that they are… well, bigger headphones. Here’s what makes these so cool.

Wireless: Who deals with wires anymore? They’re annoying, they get tangled, and often short out. These headphones allow you to connect wirelessly to your mobile device and stream audio. Watch the video for yourself and see how simple setup is.

Noise Cancelling: If you truly appreciate music and want to listen to every little intricate detail, you need noise cancelling headphones. Otherwise, you’re missing out. This high performance, noise cancelling system developed by Parrot claims to cancel eliminate up to 98% of ambient noise, using 4 microphones both inside and outside each earpiece. (Typical noise cancelling headphones use 2)

Touch Control: No doubt the coolest feature these headphones have, that that are touch controlled. Taping on the right headphone allows you to answer or end calls, while touching the panel for 2 seconds will reject an incoming call. Sliding your finger horizontally on the control panel allows you to switch between two calls. And of course, it is incredibly easy to switch songs and adjust the volume. Touch is the way of the future, are your headphones on board?

These headphones also have an automatic pause/play feature. You simple take the headphones off your head and they will pause. Set them back on your head and your audio is back in business.

An Awesome Gift Idea

These headphones are the perfect gift for that person that loves their music or audio book and are available in 4 different colors.


Keep checking back for awesome gift ideas on Men’s Tech!

Xbox One Released! How Did We Get Here?

Last Friday marked the release of Microsoft’s new gaming console,  the long anticipated follow-up to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One.

xboxoneFor years gaming systems have been primarily focused on graphics. Which makes sense. Graphics play a HUGE part in the gaming experience. However, over the last few years we have seen a huge push in integrating gaming consoles with web apps and streaming content from the internet. This made sense because people want access to their content on whatever device they are using. And if they have a gaming console that already connects to the internet for gaming, why shouldn’t they have the ability to stream content or access their Facebook page?

With the integration of gaming consoles and the internet, the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and even the Nintendo Wii became more than just gaming consoles. They became entertainment systems. In fact, at one point in time, I personally used my Xbox 360 to stream Netflix more than I used it for playing games.

When the Nintendo Wii was released, things got really interesting. Gaming became physically interactive. Another milestone that Sony and Microsoft took note of. The Xbox Kinect for the 360 was the next stage in physical interaction. The Kinect, of course, has the ability to pick up on users movements and even sounds without the need to hold a controller, something that has been re-engineered and improved upon with the Xbox One.

These and other advancements in gaming technology and user experience have led us to where we are today. The Xbox One has taken all of these concepts and built upon them, as I am sure the Playstation 4 will.

The Xbox One primarily builds upon the concept of voice control, TV, and social integration. We at Men’s Tech are excited to see how this gaming console war turns out.

More information on the Xbox One to come! If you have the Xbox One, let us know what you think!

Xbox One Console – Day One Edition


Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler

You have a few options when you bring a drink to work: You can let it sit at your desk, allowing it to get warm by the time you are ready to drink it. Or you can put it in the refrigerator in the break room.

The problem with the second option is that it can be inconvenient getting up and going to the break room to get a drink. Especially if the break room isn’t close.

Even if you aren’t necessarily as lazy as I am, we can all agree that we love convenience. And what could be more convenient than a USB-powered fridge cooler!

With the Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler, you will no longer have to worry about watching as your drink gets disgustingly warm.  You will always have an ice-cold refreshing beverage close by. To purchase your own Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler see the link below!


Mini USB-Powered Fridge Cooler for Beverage Drink Cans in Cubicle and Home office (Red)

New Zipbud Earphones

Lets face it, it absolutely sucks when you end up getting your headphones tangled, because you put them in your pocket or backpack.

Some of the cords are so long that it literally takes minutes to untangle. With the zippered earphones, you can keep the length of your cords, and without the annoyingness of them!

In addition, these zipbuds are very well protected, because of their soft outside shell.

It is impossible for these wires to get tangled, because they are forced to continue in a straight line.

They’re just as cheap as any other earphones, and they even have good quality to boot! Check out these earphones and get them soon, because they’re sure to sell out quick!

Order Here!

iPong Table Tennis Trainer


Your man may like to play ping pong, but lets face it; sometimes you just don’t feel like playing it with him. The iPong Table Tennis Trainer is an absolutely perfect gift for the family, especially for your husband or child. Just because you don’t have the time to play a game with them, doesn’t mean that they can’t have someone to play with!

The iPong Table Tennis Trainer shoots balls at a speed that can be set with the remote, as well as stunning precision. It forces you to be on your game at a medium setting, and can be toned down to meet the skills of someone who is still learning to play. Pick up the iPong Table Tennis Trainer while it’s still available!


2012 Cheap Blue Ray Player


You’re looking for a cheap Blu-ray player, but it’s almost impossible unless you want to buy a playstation 3. Now you don’t have to worry, because the Toshiba BDX2150 Wifi-Ready Blu-ray Disc Player is here to save the day. You won’t have to spend $200+ just to watch your blu-ray movies, because this blu-ray player is only $59, and can be found used for even less on stores like Amazon!

It is extremely fast, user-friendly, and easy to set up. Just plug it up, hook it up to your television, and watch your Blu-ray movies in crystal clear quality. This is a product that is very quickly sold out, because of how inexpensive it is. It is very rarely sold offline, so make sure you snatch yours up today!

$59 @ Toshiba

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Headset

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Headset

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Foxtrot Gaming Headset has been one of the hottest selling accessories in the world, because of its durability, user-friendliness, and all-around quality. You can hardly notice that the headset is even attached to your head, and has a microphone which is so clear it’ll blow you away. While this headset is pretty expensive, it is worth every single cent, and should last you four or five years.

Its cord is extremely long, stretching 12-14 feet if necessary. It is also compatible with the Xbox 360, ps3, mac, and windows computers. It is powered by a USB and a standard green audio cable. Pick yours up today and get the audio quality you deserve.

$59 @ Amazon

Kodak Playsport Water Proof Camera Great for Summer

Kodak Waterproof Playsport Video Camera

Lets face it, finding a camera that is durable, inexpensive and high quality is just almost not possible. However, the Kodak Playsport Video Camera is pretty cheap, and it takes photos that can be compared to most professional cameras. In addition, this camera is pretty tough, being both waterproof an extremely durable when it comes to being dropped, tossed, smacked, etc!

Know someone who’s clumsy but wants to be able to have their own camera? How about someone who needs to have a camera they can use in extremely rough conditions? By getting the Kodak PlaySport Video Camera, you can’t go wrong!

$95 @

We love Xbox Kinect!

The Xbox kinect is not anything new by far, (in fact it’s actually less recent than the Playstation Move), but still can be enjoyed by almost anyone who likes to game, and is compatible with almost any game, (although it may not be fully functional in most games). This awesome piece of technology records your movements and simulates them in to whatever game you are playing, which is awesome considering that it’s taking us one step closer to virtual reality.

Xbox kinect is generally pretty cheap around Christmas time, so don’t miss your chance to buy one of the hottest electronic gadgets around right now!

For $99 you can just buy the Xbox Kinect Sensor to add to Your Xbox! or

For $399 You can buy the Whole Kbox Kinect Holiday Bundle!

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