How to Pick the Right TV

Picking out the right television can be difficult because it's such a big purchase. No one wants to buy the wrong TV and end up being disappointed with something so expensive. Fortunately, there are many ways to decide which TV is the right one to buy. 
First, decide on a budget. This will determine how much TV you can afford, and whether you can splurge for the latest upgrades in technology or need to try to save a little by choosing a slightly older model. It will also determine the size you can afford, as larger screens are usually more costly than smaller ones. 
Next, consider the size of the room where you'll be putting the TV. While the size you choose is completely up to you and your budget, remember that a large TV in a small room might be a bad idea, just as a small TV in a large room will mean that you'll probably have to put the couch incredibly close to the TV in order for people to see it. A good rule of thumb is to first determine how far you plan on sitting from the TV. The maximum size should be the viewing distance in inches divided by 1.5, and the minimum size should be the viewing distance in inches divided by 3. So, for example, if you're planning on sitting six feet (or 72 inches) away from the TV, the minimum size TV you should buy would be 24 inches and the maximum size would be 48 inches. 
Once you've decided on a budget and know what size TV you want, you'll have to decide what kind of TV you want to buy. LED televisions are usually the thinnest and lightest, and are considered to have the best picture quality, with bright colors and deep blacks. While they are usually the most energy-efficient due to their smaller size, this comes with a premium price, and these televisions are usually several hundred dollars more than a similarly sized LCD or plasma TV. If you've got the money, though, and want to watch your DVDs and DirecTV on one of the best quality TVs on the market, this is the right choice. That said, an LCD or plasma television can still have very good picture quality and can be a great choice depending on your budget. You will probably want to upgrade the content you watch on your new TV as well. Enjoy the Directtv Ultimate package in all its splendor on your awesome new TV. Especially if you have an older television, almost any of the new TVs currently on the market will look much better than what you've got now. Whatever you decide, picking the right TV can be fun and exciting, and a great addition to your home.