GoPro Hero+

GoPro Hero+ Best Action Camera

GoPro Hero+ is the best action camera in the market and it has built-in Wi-Fi as well. Users can shoot all their action packed events at 60 frames per second. There are several different versions of Hero cameras but this Hero+ version is purely focused on starters. Hero+ is an entry level action camera and this will let users enjoy and capture all their special moments at the same time. Though it is an entry level action camera, the item does pack a punch and it offers a lot of attractive features to the user. GoPro Hero+ offers the ability to capture 1080p60 and 720p60 stunning high quality videos.

GoPro Hero+ does not compromise on quality and using this, one can capture high quality videos. HD videos and 8 Megapixel photo capturing feature will be more than enough for all the beginners to have fun. Hero+ action camera that comes with Wi-Fi enables users to pair the device with their iOS or Android based smartphones. GoPro smartphone application enables users to control the camera action. Bluetooth connectivity is also available and with the use of Smart Remote, the person can control the settings. GoPro Hero+ is water proof and if the user loves diving in deep waters, then this is the perfect action camera because the person can open the box and use it right away underwater. The camera is suited for extreme environments, so no matter what outdoor activity one is interested in, this camera would be the ideal choice.

GoPro Hero+ is a typical three button control action camera, just like most of the other cameras from the brand. Power button is at the front, shutter button is on top and the settings button is located on the side. Settings button can be used for tagging and also for marking the footage. This will cut down the editing time for the user. Using this action camera, all those who are not used to handling action camera can enjoy and learn the process before shifting for a much bigger feature-rich action camera from the same brand.

GoPro Hero+ Wi-Fi enabled version is available on Amazon at an attractive price of just $194.60. Now, isn’t this the perfect gift for your adventure loving friend?!

Nest Cam

Nest Cam – Ultimate Home Security Cam

Nest Cam will give ultimate security to the user and is definitely one of the perfect tech gifts for men. Men just love to monitor their home and that helps them keep track of the activities at their home. Users can take control of their home virtually from anywhere using Nest Cam, which offers ultimate security. Nest Cam will let the user monitor their home from anywhere, that too in 1080p HD video quality. Nest Cam is a complete package for all those who are constantly away from home and let us tell you why.

Nest Cam is designed purely for assisting users in monitoring their home and family even when they are on the move. Nest Cam uses automatic turn on technology and this will make sure that the cam is operating automatically when there is nobody at home. The phone of all the people staying at home will be tracked by the camera and if all of them are located outside the home, Nest Cam will activate automatically. Sounds interesting, right? Nest Cam sure is the perfect gift item.

Nest Cam provides 24 X 7 live streaming and it even has advanced super high quality night vision, which provides high quality streaming even in the dark. Motion and sound alerts are also incorporated. It is impossible for the user to watch the live feed 24 X 7 and that is where these two alerts come in handy. If these sensors sense any activity, they will immediately send a notification to the user’s phone stating the activity happening at home. Sound sensor of Nest Cam works brilliantly, filtering out all the unwanted background sounds and tracking only the sounds that are important.

Nest Cam is the perfect companion for men who have babies and pets at home because using Net Cam, the user can listen and even talk to their kid or pet at home. Users can direct their pet to stay obedient and follow orders by using certain key commands such as speak, get down, high five, and lie down. Users can increase the volume and select any of these commands.

Nest Cam is the ideal security tool available for men. At just $199, this is the perfect buy. You get to save $100 by getting the 3 Pack on The Nest Store.

Boosted Boards

Boosted Board – One-of-a-Kind Electric Skateboard

Electric vehicles are the trend these days. In addition to providing users the benefit of being able to commute from one place to another, these vehicles also happen to be trendsetters and attention grabbers. Boosted Board, the most coveted electric skateboard, is the latest in electric vehicles. Claimed to be the lightest electric vehicle in the world, the Boosted Board has received a lot of positive reviews, and the company is now ready to introduce the 2nd generation board.

If you are looking for a gift for a skating enthusiast, or for someone who needs a reliable vehicle for short commutes, then this is it!

The 2nd generation Boosted Boards are expected to address a huge shortcoming that many complained about the first generation boards, which is the battery range. While the earlier Boosted Board version came with a standard battery that enabled travel to up to 8 miles, the 2nd generation boards will come with an extended battery option, capable of reaching up to 14 miles, making it a perfect ride for many commuters.

The boards come with a custom remote that provides the user with complete control over their ride. Accelerating and braking is made easy with the thumb wheel on the remote, and there are different riding modes for the user to adjust based on their skateboarding skill level.

The 2nd generation Boosted Boards will be available in three different types: Single, Dual, and Dual+, with top speed of 18 mph, 20 mph, and 22 mph respectively. The power of the boards also varies accordingly. The boards are currently available for pre-.ordering and will be sent out starting the end of July this year. The Single Boosted Board is priced at $999, Dual at $1,299, and Dual+ at $1,499.

What are you still waiting for? Pre-book the Boosted Board today and have it ready just in time for your loved one’s birthday or any other special day.


Bluetooth Connected Meat Thermometer

Men and barbecue are inseparable. May it be your dad, brother, boyfriend, or spouse, you will have at least one man in your family who just loves barbecuing and hosting backyard barbecue parties. If you have been looking for a perfect gift for one such man in your life, nothing will make him more excited than the Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer from Brookstone.

Those involved in barbecuing will definitely have some kind of thermometer to check the temperature of the meat being cooked. But, most of those thermometers need to be monitored closely, periodically inserting it into the meat to know the increase in temperature. The downside of these thermometers is the fact that when the cook walks away for a few minutes leaving the meat unattended, it is most likely to get overcooked, thus completely ruining the meal.

The Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer eliminates all these frustrations and enables the user to cook the perfect piece of meat every single time. This thermometer is controlled by an app and is designed to send the current temperatures of food directly to the user’s paired device. No matter what the user is looking to cook, from chicken and fish to even lamb, steak and pork, this device is capable of informing the ideal temperature to which any particular meat has to be cooked. Once the food reaches the desired temperature, the device will alert the user via sounds, vibrations, or voice alert.

Now this is the latest in meat thermometers. Wait no more; make sure that the next barbecue party you attend, the host has this thermometer. The Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer is available for $70 on Brookstone.

Bose QuietComfort

Noise Cancelling Headphones – QuietComfort 20

How many times have you wanted to shut everything down and enjoy quiet and relaxing time listening to your favorite music? Even if you have not felt this way, you certainly would have seen someone in your family or friends who always wants to experience such bliss, but ends up being in the middle of everything loud. The QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphone from Bose is exactly what people like them need.

Bose has always been the go-to brand when it comes to noise cancelling headphones. Ever since the inception of the company’s QuietComfort line of headphones, there have been a lot of improvements in the many models produced, and now the brand offers a wide range of noise cancelling headphones, right from on-ear models to over-the-ear models. The QuietComfort 20 is the brand’s first in-ear noise cancelling headphone model, and this comes in two different versions, one for Apple products (QC20i) and the other for non-Apple products (QC20).

The QuietComfort 20 is designed to fit into the ears of the users comfortably and securely. The headphones are highly travel-friendly as they come with a compact carrying case. There are two microphones added to the headphones that perform the job of monitoring external noise. The Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology used by the company blocks the noise from the user’s surroundings and allows them to enjoy music even in noisy environments.

What makes this model more interesting is the ability to switch to what the company calls Aware Mode. This mode is designed to help the user listen to what’s happening around them during important circumstances, like when they are at the airport waiting for announcements, etc. The headphones come with three eartips of different sizes and a lithium ion battery that can hold charge for 16 hours.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 will make the perfect gift for a frequent traveler. If you know someone, or if you yourself are a frequent traveler, this should be your next purchase. The headphones are available for $300 (definitely worth the investment).


3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lenses


Since the growth of social media and the progress of smartphones coming with built in digital cameras, more and more of us are clicking photos every day. Meanwhile the whole world is capturing the same images, it’s about time you made your pictures viewpoint out from the huge amount of pictures uploaded to the social media daily.



The Olixar 3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lenses let you take oddly high quality pictures using your smartphones built-in camera. 3 lenses are counted in the set to give your shooting a diversity of new choices. The Wide Angle Lens will spread your pictures with an additional 180° receiving into your shot, perfect for shooting sceneries and big group photo-shoots.


The Fish Eye Lens is alike to the Wide Angle Lens as it becomes more in the photoshoot but adds a bowed effect to the image. The 3rd lens is debatable  favorite as the images is so clear and sharp. The Macro Lens is used to reach very close up photoshoots, showing the unbelievable detailing of your desired subject.


All 3 lenses are very easy to connect on your smartphone and don’t necessity to attach any unusual cases fitting or applications to be installed. Just screw your preferred lens on the clasp, place over the camera on your smartphone or tablet and you can rapidly improve your photography without spending your valuable time on Photoshop.




The universalness of this appliance means it will suitable with most phones. The macro lens attaches onto the wide angle lens so only 2 lens covers are provided within the beautiful box of Olixar 3 in 1 Universal Clip camera lenses. Along with a microfiber bag with Olixar 3 in 1 Universal Clip camera lenses for cleaning the lenses. As the 3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens comes with a hook shaped clip, it will fit maximum phones and tablets. Which makes this set faultless for budding photographers who don’t want to transport a bulky photography set from place to place with them. Some devices with large camera lenses such as the Nokia Lumia 1020, will inappropriately be too much big for Olixar 3 in 1 Universal Clip camera lenses.

huawei matebook release date and specs

The Huawei MateBook is Coming Soon, Here’s What You Need to Know

It seems like there are a ton of Microsoft Surface clones on the market, but the Huawei MateBook offers a more portable device at a lower price. United States consumers will be able to buy the MateBook July 11, and you can now pre-order the 2-in-1 tablet. This line of 2-in-1 tablets starts at $699 without the keyboard.

The keyboard will sell for $129, the MatePen for $59 and the MateDock for $89. There is a more powerful Intel Core m5 version that comes with 8GB RAM and 512GB internal storage. An Intel Core m5 version with only 4GB RAM and 128 GB storage will sell for $849.


The MateBook is slimmer than the Surface Pro 4, and the white model certainly has a familiar Apple-like design that many people will appreciate. At first glance, it does look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, from the design to the specs. Both have an Intel Core M processor and a single USB Type-C input for charging and transferring data.

When the MateBook launches we will have to write a comparison article (MateBook vs Galaxy TabPro S), as many people will want to know which 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet is better.


There are models with an Intel Core M3, and ones with an Intel Core M5 that will sell for more and have more memory. The Intel Core M processors are what allow these tablets to be so thin, and there’s very little sacrifice in performance for such a drastic change in design. The Intel Core M processors are good enough for basic computer usage, but not as fast as an Intel Core i5 or i7.

If you need a 2-in-1 tablet that can handle some tougher tasks then you will likely want to stick with the Surface Pro line.


Huawei is great for making excellent products at affordable prices, especially their phones. This goes for their 2-in-1 tablet as well, and the MateBook has an impressive quad HD display. That’s a 2,160 x 1,440 resolution for those of you who aren’t familiar. Everyone who has had the opportunity to get their hands on a MateBook early have mentioned the bright display and accurate colors.

Having accurate colors makes this perfect for artists, those who like to sketch with drawing apps, graphic/web designers, and photographers.

huaweiConclusion: Should You Buy the Huawei MateBook?

Huawei is always surprising us with well-designed products, and the MateBook is going to be sold for such an amazing price that it’s hard to refuse. However, the keyboard does appear to have some faults. The keys are too close together, which is something many of us don’t like. The keyboards backlight is uneven and all the buttons don’t light up the same, so that is disappointing as well.

It’s perfect if you want a 2-in-1 tablet for casual PC tasks like surfing the web and checking email. Run programs like Excel, Word, and Quickbooks smoothly thanks to the small, but powerful Intel Core M processor. You can pre-order this tablet at the Microsoft Store today!


Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review – “Not Just Another 2-in-1 Tablet”


The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet that has all the features you can hope for if you need a tablet for work purposes. Developers will be satisfied that this relatively affordable 2-in-1 device comes with Windows, and they can set up their typical laptop or desktop development environment without worrying about the restrictions of Android and the limitation of professional apps. Run Photoshop or Illustrator if you’re a designer – this tablet can handle it!

Performance and Storage

An Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor gives the TabPro S more power than all those low-end tablets on the market, and the 4GB RAM is also quite generous. It will work perfect for business, running Microsoft Office, and all your other basic tasks. It can handle some games, ones in the Microsoft Store that don’t hog all your devices resources. Can you play Fallout 4? No. Can you run Photoshop? Yes. Minecraft? Yes.

It’s fast enough for common tasks, but not for a video game developer or someone who needs to run programs like Adobe After Effects for a living.

It has a 128GB M.2 SATA SSD, which could be better, but for most common PC tasks you won’t even notice the different in comparison to a more expensive 2-in-2 like the Surface Pro 4.


The Galaxy TabPro S has a 12-inch Super AMOLED display, with a sharp 160×1400 pixel resolution. This is the same display featured in the Galaxy S7 phones that we all know and love, and it’s almost like a tablet version of the S7.

If you aren’t aware of what Super AMOLED is, it’s a Samsung version of the more common AMOLED technology featured in many smartphones today. It basically makes the blacks darker and the colors pop more. This makes videos and games look so much better than they do on other devices, and one can’t deny that the TabPro S looks stunning. Samsung claims the Super AMOLED screen use less power, allowing you to have a longer-lasting battery life.

Keep in mind, if you need this 2-in-1 tablet for design purposes, the colors are a bit exaggerated. If color accuracy isn’t important in your line of work then this is nothing to worry about, you will probably love it.

However, the screen isn’t all that bad for creatives, because it does cover 99.9% of the sRGB spectrum, and 86.6% of the Adobe RBG spectrum. The more expensive Surface Pro 4 only covers 96.2% of the sRGB spectrum and 68.3% of the Adobe RGB. So, creatives might like it, especially photographers.


Battery Life

Battery life is where the Galaxy TabPro S really shines, and this tablet can stream HD video for nine hours straight before the battery dies. It will last an entire work day without the need to charge, so it’s perfect for those who need a portable device that they can actually work on without worrying about the battery dying. Watching an HD video on the Surface Pro 4 will make that more expensive die in less than 7 hours, due to the Intel Core i5 inside it.

If battery life is a major concern for you then the Galaxy TabPro S will not disappoint.


For the price, this is the perfect 2-in-1 tablet for both business and personal use. It won’t die when you need it, and it’s fast enough to handle all the typical tasks you would perform on a laptop or desktop. It’s not for gaming, but it can handle Minecraft. It’s not for 3D rendering, but it can handle Photoshop. It’s perfect for the user who needs something to browse the web, use for school, or use for work. It comes with Windows 10 so you can run Microsoft Office flawlessly.

Unlike all the other 2-in-1 tablets on the market, this one comes with the keyboard/cover, and for the price of $799.99 you can’t beat it. It’s a good deal and you should definitely consider purchasing it if the specs meet your requirements.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review


If you’re an AT&T user and want to pick up a new phone that fits your active lifestyle, then the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is worth looking into. It has all the great specs we love from the S7 line, with a longer-lasting battery and a design that can withstand both water and dust.

It is an expensive phone, as it has both high-end specs and water-proof features. Yes, you can drop this phone in a cup of water and nothing will happen to it. If you work in construction or have an active lifestyle that requires a durable phone, then the S7 Active is the ideal phone for you. It can take a beating, so the screen won’t crack if you drop it and water won’t break it if you drown it.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has a $794.99 (or $33.13/mo through AT&T) price tag and is a high-end Android phone, so be prepared to spend some cash if you want this device.


If performance is a big deal to you, then you will most definitely be pleased by the S7 Active’s processor. This phone uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with an Adreno 530 GPU. It’s a beast as far as phones go. So no matter what you want to do, this phone can handle it.


The 12MP dual pixel rear facing camera is capable of recording 4K video, and just like the S7 models, the Active has an outstanding camera. Incredibly fast phase detection autofocus, optical image stabilization and a bright LED flash make the rear camera one of the best phone cameras on the market. Most phones take poor photos in low-light, but all the S7 models take exceptional photos even in dim settings, without flash.

Samsung did not disappoint us with the 5MP front facing camera, which is perfect for taking selfies and Skype calls. If you think the iPhone has the best camera on the market then you’re wrong, the S7 models actually capture wider angles than the iPhone’s camera, and the pictures always turn out amazing.


Currently, the Galaxy S7 line of phones have the best displays on the smartphone market, and since this one is shatter-resistant, it’s even better! The shatter-resistant design means you will only get a new phone when you want to upgrade, not when your phone breaks. It will hold up to falls as high as 5 feet, or at least that’s all Samsung will guarantee, and that’s close to the amount of water depth it can withstand as well.


The 5.1 inch screen is the perfect size for the average user, it’s good enough to watch YouTube on and actually enjoy the viewing experience, but it’s not so big that you hate to carry it around with you all day.

For those of you who need to use the phone when outdoors, you will be happy to know that the S7 Active has an incredibly bright screen that makes it easy to see in the daylight. You can thank the Super AMOLED displays that Samsung puts in their smartphones.

As for those who want an optimal viewing experience when watching videos on your phone, the S7 Active features a Quad HD resolution, which makes it possible for you to enjoy movie and other videos at their max resolution.

Battery Life

The S7 Active is equipped with a 4,000mAh battery, which is much more impressive than the ones we find in other phones, which are often 3,000mAh (yes, the best phones on the market don’t have as great as a battery as this one). The battery will last a very long time, and you can use it to stream movies throughout the day without any serious drainage in battery life.

This is the holy grail when it comes to phones with a long-lasting battery life.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is just as great as the other S7 models, but it’s built for those of you with an active lifestyle. The bright screen makes it easy to navigate through your phone and make calls while outside, and the durability of this phone is just incredible. You won’t have to worry about your phone breaking, no screen cracks due to a fall, and no new phone because it fell in a toilet (although, you might be so disgusted by the toilet phone that you want to go buy another S7).


Sony Xperia X Review – Is it Just an Overpriced Video Phone?


Sony has been releasing some quality phones over the last few years and the Xperia X is a top-of-the-line Android phone that is selling for $899.99 at some online stores. For the price, you are probably expecting amazing specs, and this phone certainly delivers when I comes to storage, RAM, and CPU speed. Here is a brief overview of all the specs, camera quality, display, and software featured on the device.


Sony did not disappoint us with the Xperia X specs, and inside this phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor with 3GB of RAM to handle all those background apps while you play a game or watch a movie without any performance hiccups.

The 32GB of internal storage capacity will make it easy for you download all the apps you need. Tired of those ‘not enough storage capacity’ errors on your current Android phone? The 32GB will be enough for most of you to store all the apps and media you want.


The Xperia X is powered by Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, with some custom modifications made by Sony, of course. Sony hasn’t made many extreme tweaks to Marshmallow, and the tweaks they made are appropriate, such as including a faster way to get to the settings and a nice new launcher to give the phone a custom Sony appearance.

The launcher is great when you turn off this annoying feature that puts recommendations on your launcher, to download games like Candy Crush Saga. It gives the launcher a spammy/cheap feel, so you will probably want to turn that feature off as soon as possible.


The Xperia X is equipped with a 23MP rear camera, which is definitely decent, but the picture quality is disappointing when you compare it to other smartphones in this price range. If you’re going to use the camera for outdoor shots then it will do a wonderful job, but anything with indoor lighting and/or flash is going to be of much lower quality.

If you’re comfortable cutting down the resolution to 8MP at a 16:9 ratio, then the colors will look much better and it will eliminate a lot of the noise you see when taking photos at the full 23MP resolution. It’s a big sacrifice, but 8MP is the sweet spot.

It’s not a good phone for recording videos, although it is very capable in the right lighting or outdoors.


The 5-inch, 1080p LCD display on the Xperia X is nice, although it looks weak when you compare it to the Galaxy S7, so it’s not likely to win over many buyers. However, it is still perfect for watching videos and playing games due to the brightness of the screen and the vibrant colors. It’s colors are on the warmer side, but it’s not that noticeable and it makes videos look pretty good.

Battery Life

Xperia X has a non-removable 2,620 mAh battery, and most users will be satisfied with the battery life. It will definitely last you all day if you all you do is text, use your Facebook app, Twitter, or even listen to music on Spotify. Charging is also quick thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, and it will reach a 60% in 30 minutes. The phone does come with a charger, which is in fact compatible with quick charging so you’re good to go for an entire day once you have it charged.

Sony Xperia X comes in three colors


The Sony Xperia X is a good phone overall, but it doesn’t hold up when you compare it to other phones in this price range. More specifically, the camera does not hold up. Performance is excellent. Battery life is reasonable. However, for almost $900, it isn’t really worth it. The performance is great and it’s great for watching movies, so if you want to splurge then go ahead, but there are better phones on the market and the Xperia X doesn’t live up to the price tag.

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